Resilience Registry Now Offline

Please be advised that The Surgeon-specific registry created for the American College of Surgeons by Resilience Software Inc. has been replaced by a different, broader, registry and our version is longer available or supported.

We want to thank all of the surgeons and assistants who have used our software over the years. We thoroughly enjoyed working with you and supporting you.

If you enjoyed using our software and would like to work with the team that created it, please contact us at or call the number below.

If you are involved in Medical Education, our focus is the thoughtful use of technology to enhance competence and we would love you to take a look at what we do at

We wish you continued success and hope to work together again soon.

Kent Haden
Resilience Software Inc.
(604) 693-2323

For questions about the Surgeon-Specific Registry, please contact the American College of Surgeons at or 312-202-5408.

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